Saturday, August 15, 2015

Update: We are back up and running

The following letter was sent to authors and artists who submitted their work and had that work accepted:

Literary Brushstrokes recently suffered some setbacks. Other editors moved on to other things, as they should, since this is a non-paying operation with no income.  Our original web hosting service tried to take us to the cleaners, but gave just enough warning before we had to pay or be shut down, so that we could copy a lot of our original content – something we are still trying to recover from and bring our website back up in full with past issues, etc. This whole endeavor has come down to one editor and one trusted reader.

Unfortunately, many of you have made submissions that still need to be read and responded to, and those who received acceptances and agreements have not been able to enjoy seeing their work in print. For that I heartily apologize.

We thought we needed to recover completely before publishing our next issue, but see that is not the case at all. We need to be responsive and respectful to those who submit work.

Publishing is all about deadlines. We have set a new deadline to have an issue in print by mid-September, if not sooner.

Those who received acceptances, please notify us if your work is still available and you would like to see it published. Also notify us if you have published elsewhere. To those who have submitted your work and haven’t received a response yet, please send a withdrawal notice if you moved on elsewhere, or send us email that you are still interested.

Again, our sincere apologies.